11 email marketing strategies to improve response rates

11 email marketing strategies to improve response rates

Email marketing is always one of the most effective ways to turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal product lovers.

A recent study found that each dollar spent on email sales represents a typical refund of $ 42.

Further research from the Content Marketing Institute reveals that email is the third most popular distribution channel following social media as well as a company or blog website.

Why is email such a powerful marketing tool? Another reason is the ability to measure performance at a specific level.

This is where email marketing metrics come into play.

Email metrics 

 Let’s review the basic KPIs in email marketing, starting with the open email level:

Email open rate

Open email rate estimates the percentage of subscribers who open email. Suppose you email 800 contacts and 200 of them open your message. This can give you an open rate of 25%.

Open rate statistics 

The 2019 Mail chimp survey found the average open average in all industries to be 21.33%.

Click-through rate

Click-through (CTR) rate estimates the percentage of people who click on a link in an email. Using the same example, let’s say of 800 contacts, 150 of whom click on a link. This would give you an average of 18.75% clicks.

Click-through rate statistics

Click-through rates vary depending on how many links the emails contain. In 2019, Mailchimp found the most common CTR in all industries (6.82%).

In addition to the open rate and click rate, there is also a click rate to unlock.

What is the click-to-open rate?

Click-to-Open (CTOR) rate measures the performance of your email content by dividing the number of unique clicks by the number of unique clicks.

Also, by looking back on our example, you can divide by 150 clicks with 200 openings. After that, you would multiply that number by 100 to get a percentage:

150/200 * 100 = 75%

According to Campaign Monitor, you should aim for an average click-to-open rate that falls between 20-30%.

Interpreting your click-to-open rate

 Your click-through rate lets you see how your readers respond to your content. Strong click-to-unlock values ​​indicate that you are providing relevant content. When your readers click, it is a clear indication that they are interested in learning more.

How to improve your click-to-open rate

Whether you are a new or experienced email retailer, it is always worthwhile to look for ways to improve your email marketing game. With that said, here are 11 guaranteed ways to increase your click-through rate to unlock:

1. Find the Right Time

The first thing you need to understand when making good use of email marketing and auto-response sequences is to find out where the best time to send email is?

Now, if you are a person who follows all online guidelines, such as this one, remember that the recommended email timing does not apply to all businesses as it is simply based on the industry’s standard practices.

According to Scott Stratten of UnMarketing, “The best time to not send an email is when someone else told you”.

All you have to do is find the right time to use your information, many email providers such as Aweber, Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor have an analytics dashboard that displays data on your open rate and time that helps you improve your campaigns.

2. Get to the Point

Soon. It’s easy to focus on writing good content, but when it comes to email, people need a message immediately and directly. Keeping it short, simple and up to standard as experts have proven that people are naturally lazy and tend to choose an action that requires less energy.

We spend too much time in our inbox; The study by PandoDaily revealed an analysis of 38,000 inboxes and found that 30% of people had between 10k and 21k emails in their inboxes. Now you don’t want your emails to come in and be pressed by your competitors.

Say what you need to say at the beginning – and then build your conviction.

3. Be Specific In Calls to Action

There is nothing worse than being told to do something and not knowing exactly what it is. Make sure you make it clear in your email about the action you would like your student to do. When searching for ideas rather than call to action can be directed as a link or button leading to the exit page or directly directed as a post or social assignment to engage users in both situations you need to check their placement and call type in actions and see which is more.

4. Test On Multiple Platforms

Checking your email on mobile, as well as most email clients, can make or break a campaign. A study by Econsultancy shows that 41% of emails are now open on mobile devices and that number is increasing on both mobile devices and tablets with a decrease in desktop and pc’s.

Make sure things deliver well across all platforms and email clients.

5. Proofread

Yes, Proofread, Proofread, and then Proofread Again. Malformed emails with spelling errors, incorrect grammar, or other flawed issues may cause email subscribers to delete them as soon as they open – or not at all. Make sure you re-read your content and rework it to the fullest.

Grammar or spelling errors not only look bad but can also cost great deals. Check out this interview from the founders of InternetMarketingInc.com on Inc.com who share how a single spelling mistake costs them millions of dollars. That’s enough.

6. Strong Subject Line

A hook with a strong head. Receiving an email saying something vague without a sense of urgency is a way to stay open. A report from Radicati Group found that the average email user sends and receives 115 emails per day.

With so many emails it’s no wonder why so much of this goes to spam or trash and never opens. So how do you get rid of clutter and make sure your email is not one that was immediately discarded? It’s easy; you write a complete line of email subject. You can greatly improve your email response rate by writing a headline that clearly states what one can expect – and why they should bother to open up.

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There are many great resources online if you are looking for tips for writing a great article but I would suggest you take a look at Jon Morrow’s Headline Hacks to find 52 tested theme templates that have been proven to work.

7. Use the Right Language

Avoid “Do Not Answer”. Let’s put it this way: can you do business with a company that says, “Don’t touch me if you have a problem?” Probably not. If you do the same thing in your email marketing messages, it can divide students.

This applies not only to customer support but also to email marketing. If you send emails too often and all you try to do is sell rather than cause failure because that will not lead you anywhere people will actually start to unsubscribe. Make sure you bring important content that makes people happy every time you press the send button as it can lead to a better response level.

Make sure you have a way for people to respond to you – have a redirected email address for pre-set responses. Also, make contact or customer information easily accessible.

8. Personalize

When you have data available, customization can increase your success rate. Have the first name of the recipient at least, as that personal touch can go a long way. In all marketing endeavors, customization can bring great benefits so don’t leave it in your inboxes.

Now if you want to become an evangelical email evangelist, you should know that email marketing softwares like Aweber, MailChimp and other services in the same category have limits on how much you can personalize your email with a title, a body name but even if that is in line with the open and responsive email levels as shown in the eloqua study.

However, if you want to go full-blown mode instead of automatic marketing it is what you need that allows you to set up sequences and customizations that will increase your response levels and ROI campaign. Automated marketing platforms such as Hubspot and Infusionsoft allow you to sell prospects in the sales cycle based on their actions that generate tags and email and deliver accordingly. It also allows users to fill out a form in their own section to find the content they are interested in, consider the type of response rate you can get from the targeted section of your subscribers rather than popping up emails to everyone and wondering why the conversion rate is down.

9. Comply with CAN-SPAM

This may not work, but you may be surprised at how many businesses fail to comply with these rules. Make sure you comply with all system-generated emails with local address and opt-out details that seem easy to find. It will make you look more reliable and it is a good business practice.

10. Use Professional Branded Templates

Use a professional, branded template. You can see when a business is trying to market via email – and you can also say if they are not making an effort. Having an email template with a logo that matches your other marketing efforts can create a beautiful image and lend confidence to your email feature.

If you are a customer of any of the aforementioned email marketing softwares you will get access to many market templates but I suggest you take the time and invest in creating a beautiful custom template (and be sure to use one of our tips and check out that template to make sure it works for ALL readers – not a few out!).

11. Be Persuasive

What’s worse, however, is one of the biggest mistakes we see in many email campaigns. If you do not have a good offer, no one is forced to open your email. It’s that simple. So, make it their time. Think of different incentives that can make reading your email more expensive (2% off coupon will not determine) and if you can donate a larger item, first think about ways you can offer another value instead. For example, provide a little information that the learner can use on an airplane. Or, provide a reference for what they will benefit from. Or share testimonials or social testimonials that might help you with your credibility.

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