15 Digital Marketing Up-and-Coming Trends


As the digital marketing rule the today’s business world. Every business needs to develop an ideal digital marketing strategy that will be fruitful to its business. However, just like the business nature is dynamic, so do the digital marketing.

As the year changes, so does the digital marketing trends. Lets dive deeper into 15 Up-and-Coming Trends About Digital Marketing.

1. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is gaining importance at a great pace in the digital marketing world. With the help of robotics, manpower for digital marketing will tend to focus on other important marketing strategies for business. In other words, robots can be able to keep track of your digital marketing campaigns, curating content, reporting suspicious behavior, help in personalizing emails, electronic transactions, but they cannot fully replace the manpower that is required for managing the robot, producing engaging ads and marketing strategy. This will help in managing the time and efforts of the business.


2. Chatbots


Chatbots will continue to have more importance in the upcoming digital marketing trends. To clarify, Chatbots are really effective in providing 24/ 7 customer support to your customers. It facilitates real-time instant messaging technology to communicate with your customer. Moreover, chatbots are really effective in answering the easy questions of your customers.


3. Video Marketing


Undoubtedly, Video Marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies today and will be on top in the next 5 years. The ads that you see on YouTube are an obvious example of Video Marketing. You can create your own personalized ads and convey a message of your products to your targeted customers. Consequently, this strategy will be one of the top trends in digital marketing in the next 5 years.


4. Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing can be defined as the marketing technique where celebrities market a product through word-of-mouth that facilitates brand awareness to cover a large audience. This type of marketing is usually common on Instagram and YouTube platforms. But, there is a high scope for Influencer Marketing in digital marketing trends in the coming next 5 years.


5. Social Media Applications


Today, more than 2 billion users are actively using Facebook and Instagram application. In the next 5 years, social media apps will tend to have primary importance of targeting their customers. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. will continue to gain primary importance in all aspects of digital marketing.

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Visual Search is available in Google that will allow you to search on the basis of images. In other words, you have to click a photograph and on the basis of the content of the image that you provided, Google will provide you the search results. Other than Google, Pinterest also comes up with a Visual Search option for its users. Hopefully, other social media apps will consider this feature in future.7. Voice Search



Voice Search is also the most important digital marketing trend that will gain huge importance in the next few years. Google has started this feature that enables the users to search with the help of verbal communication. The content of the speaker will generate search results for the user.


8. Social Media ‘Story’


As you know, Snapchat first comes up with the ‘Story’ feature in its application. Later, many other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn adopts this feature in their application. The ‘Story’ feature will be one the digital marketing trends in the upcoming years. Moreover, Instagram comes up with the ‘Reels’ feature after YouTube has enabled this feature.


9. Content Marketing


An aspect of Digital Marketing will continue to grow in the upcoming future. Content Marketing is a useful component that helps in spreading awareness and facilitating powerful marketing strategies for businesses. Additionally, most B2B business owners have concluded that content marketing will be the digital marketing trend in the next few years.


10. Interactive Content


Along with the traditional content where you are just getting information, Interactive Content is where the readers are invited to interact with the content. For example, listing small quizzes and puzzles will let the readers interact with your content and enjoy it even more. Interactive content will have a place in digital marketing trends in the next few years.


11. User-Generated Content (UGC)


User-Generated Content means that you can persuade your customers to share unique and engaging content for their experience by using your products. However, it is not necessary that the content must be in the form of writings, your customers can share the images, videos, etc. As a result, this will increase your brand awareness, and hence it is included in the digital marketing trends.


12. Google Ads


The Smart Bidding feature of Google Ads surely makes the space for digital marketing trends. Further, this feature will allow you to bid while considering various factors such as location, devices, operating system, language, etc.


13. Better Analytics


In the next few years, there will be better analytics that will help you in tracking your customers and your campaigns more effectively. Therefore, Google Analytics is one of the latest trends in digital marketing today and will continue in the future.


14. 5G Technology


In the generation of using 4G, the next generation will use the 5G network technology. So, this will create more opportunities in developing strategies in digital marketing.


15. Website Security


Securing your website is the main concern for today’s bloggers and this will continue in the next five years also. However, today, the SSL certificate ensuring the security of the website. But in the near future, this will become one of the digital marketing trends in the business world.


To Sum Up


Digital Marketing is a dynamic process. You need to adapt to every new change it brings. Further, this article has covered almost every possible information about the upcoming Digital Marketing Trends.


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