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8 Ways to Rank Your Website Without Backlinks in 2021

Here are 8 Ways to Rank Your Website Without Backlinks in 2021.  When your website is new it can be hard to use backlinks to your site as an SEO strategy.  With SEO strategy, there’s not one “big thing you can do to rank your website in search, but lots of little actions you need to take, but it is certainly possible to rank your website without backlinks. Instead as part of your strategy, you can focus more on on-page SEO, creating valuable content, and off-page mentions

So, what are these SEO techniques?

Here are a few ways that could help you get a good ranking for your website in the search results :

1. Focus on zero competition words :

Sometimes, you might find certain keywords that are too weak to be found on a search result. Use such keywords along with their exact matching domains for optimizing your articles. This will surely put your website on Google’s front page. However, it‘s rare to find such weak keywords that have zero competition in the world of SEO.

2. Use keywords with good search volume :

When there is no weak keyword in your domain, the next best option is to look for a keyword that has a minimum of 500-1000 searches in a month. Once done, optimize for this keyword and see where your website ranks on Google’s search page. One thing to note is the focus shifts from competition to volume.

3. Create valuable content :

When you answer a search query thoroughly, then you’re giving your readers what they want to know.

  • This will increase user engagement on your website, which will tell the search engines that your content is valuable. Consequently, the search engines will rank your website highly for that search term.
  • For the highest rankings, go more in-depth than your competitors, provide clear answers, and provide graphics or illustrations to help your reader understand the content clearly.  Blog posts are great to Rank Your Website!
4. Make use of country codes in domains :

If you have a country code in your domain, it will definitely help your site rank well in that targeted country. This method works extremely well for reaching out to a targeted geographical location, & Rank Your Website on Google.

Google follows links to discover content on websites and to rank this content in the search results. If a post or page gets many links, this is a signal to Google that it’s an important or high-value article. This counts for internal links. Internal linking is something you control as a site owner. With the right internal links, you’ll guide your visitors and Google to your most important pages.

6. Get an SSL certificate for your website :

It has been shown that having an SSL certificate on your website increases your website rankings. SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer,” and is visualized, depending on the browser, by a beautiful little green padlock located in the address bar.

These days many search engines will warn their users that a website without this certificate is not secure, which will result in a user leaving the website immediately. This harms your rankings and possibly your reputation as well.

All our website hosting packages include SSL certificates as standard.

7.  Increase your page speed :

Page speed refers to how fast your website page loads, and this affects your rankings.

A faster-loading website improves the user experience of your visitors. No one wants to be waiting for a website to load. Chances are if they have to wait more than a few seconds, they will leave the website entirely.

Having a good host for your website is very important for this! Here at hyCorve, you don’t have to think about servers or the hassles of web hosting, your website will have a secure, quick-loading website.

8.  Use image name and ALT tags :

When adding images to your website, ensure each one has a name that includes your chosen keyword. When indexing the page, the search engines may rank these images when people search for that specific keyword.

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If your website is still new and has yet to establish any authority within the niche, or if the competitors in this particular niche have very few backlinks, then it is certainly possible to rank highly for various search terms using these strategies.

As your website becomes more competitive, then building backlinks will certainly help you to continue to rank higher. But in the meantime, don’t worry about the backlinks. Draw your visitors to your secure, quick-loading website and provide quality content that they’ll want to engage with and share with others.

So, these are 8 Ways to Rank Your Website Without Backlinks in 2021. Also, check 7 Common Web Design Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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