Civo – The Fastest Kubernetes Provider | Review

Civo - The Fastest Kubernetes Provider

Civo isn’t just a Kubernetes platform. It’s a community, and they are on a mission to help simplify Kubernetes and make it more accessible for developers of all levels as Kubernetes is always evolving and bringing more features.

Feature-packed managed Kubernetes with sub-90 second deployment and powerful development tools.
  • Blazing fast cluster launch times
  • Simplified Kubernetes experience
  • Transparent pricing, from just $4 a month
Civo Kubernetes – for developers, by developers
Superfast launch times

Deploy Kubernetes clusters in under 90 seconds. Spend less time waiting for set up and more time developing.

Kubernetes, simplified

Setup should be easy. We’ve listened to real user feedback from our community to simplify the developer experience.

Predictable pricing

They billing model has been created from scratch for cloud – only pay for the resources you need, with no surprises.

Everything you need for your Kubernetes Environment


Choose from regions in North America and Europe, with more locations planned worldwide for 2021, including Asia.

Highly available

Highly available Kubernetes clusters and nodes, with no single point of failure for consistent reliability and resilience.

DDoS protection

Automatic monitoring and protection against terabit+ DDoS attacks using machine learning – at no extra cost.

DBaaS (Coming soon)

Easily set up and scale managed databases on your cluster straight from your Civo dashboard or via our developer API.

Flexible node management

Scale cluster capacity up to meet demand and down to save resources as needed. Use only the resources you need, when you need them.

Application marketplace

Install a range of applications to your cluster in just a few clicks from our marketplace. Can’t find the app you need? You can add it.

Shaped and Moulded by our Community

Civo -kubernetes Provider Logo

Civo community is central to everything we do and their feedback guides their development roadmap and the future of Civo.

Exclusive Slack workspace

You’ll gain access to bustling Slack community where you can get support, share ideas and make the most out of Kubernetes.

Suggest features

They encourage user feedback with a dedicated suggestions area in your dashboard. Submit, vote, and comment on the features you want us to develop.

Make your mark

Collaborate with Civo and Civo community – share your wisdom, join their live meetups, or contribute your own documentation for others

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So, this was, Review on Civo – The Fastest Kubernetes Provider. Also, Check Migrating from ingress to /v1

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