Core Web Vitals Optimization Checklist in 2021 – hyCorve

Core Web Vitals Optimization Checklist- hyCorve

When it comes to core Web Vitals and Digital Marketing, Everyone likes quick and easy wins. To get your website ranked on the internet, you need to take advantage of as many SEO tricks. Google Core Web Vitals Optimization is one technique that will definitely help improve your SEO strategy.

What are Google Core Web Vitals? How do you optimize your website for this? Check out this complete checklist for core web vitals today!

What is Google Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals are the subset of Web Vitals that apply to all web pages, should be measured by all site owners, and will be surfaced across all Google tools. Each of the Core Web Vitals represents a distinct facet of the user experience, is measurable in the field, and reflects the real-world experience of a critical user-centric outcome.

According to the official site

Why are Core Web Vitals important?

The Core Web Vitals will serve as your guide in continuously improving the experience of every user on your website. These vitals will help you create or revise your site in ways that allow users to get easy access to information, encourage them to engage more deeply, and inspire them to take action.

We will introduce a new signal that combines Core Web Vitals with our existing signals for page experience to provide a holistic picture of the quality of a user’s experience on a web page.

Google posted in May 2020
Core Web Vitals

Google Core Web Vitals Optimization Checklist 

Server optimization:
  • Upgrade to a faster server
  • Route users to a nearby CDN
  • Apply a server-side cache
  • Serve HTML pages cache-first
CSS optimization:
  • Minify CSS
  • Defer non-critical CSS
  • Inline critical CSS
  • Consolidate CSS аiles and сode
  • Optimize CSS delivery
JavaScript optimization:
  • Minify and compress JS files
  • Defer unused JavaScripts
  • Minimize unused polyfills
  • Use Google hosted JS whenever possible
Image optimization:
  • Avoid using an image as the main piece of content in the viewport
  • Compress images
  • Use responsive images
  • Consider using an image CDN
  • Implement the lazy loading
Video optimization:
  • Use image placeholders for video thumbnails
  • Push videos below the fold
  • Replace animated GIFs with videos
  • Preload videos
Font and icon optimization:
  • Preload fonts
  • Use a limited amount of fonts
  • Switch to using SVGs instead of usual icons
Additional optimization:
  • Establish third-party connections early
  • Remove loading icons and spinners when possible

This list is what comes to the top of my head, if you need more detailed ones, I can Publish the whole 101 Guide For Core Web Vitals Optimization in Up Coming Weeks, But I feel like this one Covers most of the Important part of the learning Core Web Vitals.

So, This was Core Web Vitals Optimization Checklist Also, Check 101 Guide for Schema Markup in 2021.

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