SigNoz/ Signoz – New OpenSource Alternative to Datadog?

SigNoz - New OpenSource Alternative to Datadog

Signoz Monitor your applications and troubleshoot problems in your deployed applications, Kubernetes, an open-source alternative to DataDog, New Relic, etc.

What is SigNoz?

SigNoz helps developers monitor applications and troubleshoot problems in their deployed applications. SigNoz uses distributed tracing to gain visibility into your software stack.

  • You can see metrics like p99 latency, error rates for your services, external API calls, and individual endpoints.
  •  You can find the root cause of the problem by going to the exact traces causing the problem and seeing detailed Flamegraphs of individual request traces.
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Features Of SigNoz:

  • Application overview metrics like RPS, 50th/90th/99th Percentile latencies, and Error Rate
  • Slowest endpoints in your application
  • See exact request trace to figure out issues in downstream services, slow DB queries, call to 3rd party services like payment gateways, etc
  • Filter traces by service name, operation, latency, error, tags/annotations.
  • Aggregate metrics on filtered traces. Eg, you can get the error rate and 99th percentile latency of customer_type: gold or deployment_version: v2 or external_call: paypal
  • Unified UI for metrics and traces. No need to switch from Prometheus to Jaeger to debug issues.

Why Choose SigNoz?

  • Being developers, we found it annoying to rely on closed source SaaS vendors for every small feature we wanted. Closed source vendors often surprise you with huge month-end bills without any transparency.
  • We wanted to make a self-hosted & open-source version of tools like DataDog, NewRelic for companies that have privacy and security concerns about having customer data going to third-party services.
  • Being open-source also gives you complete control of your configuration, sampling, uptimes. You can also build modules over SigNoz to extend business-specific capabilities

Languages supported:

Signoz supports OpenTelemetry as the library which you can use to instrument your applications. So any framework and language supported by OpenTelemetry are also supported by SigNoz. Some of the main supported languages are:

  • Java
  • Python
  • NodeJS
  • Go

You can find the complete list of languages here –


How to Deploy using docker-compose

We have a tiny cluster setup and a standard setup to deploy using docker-compose. Follow the steps listed at The troubleshooting instructions at may be helpful

How to Deploy in Kubernetes using Helm

Below steps will install the SigNoz in platform namespace inside your k8s cluster.

git clone && cd signoz
helm dependency update deploy/kubernetes/platform
kubectl create ns platform
helm -n platform install signoz deploy/kubernetes/platform
kubectl -n platform apply -Rf deploy/kubernetes/jobs
kubectl -n platform apply -f deploy/kubernetes/otel-collector

*You can choose a different namespace too. In that case, you need to point your applications to the correct address to send traces. In our sample application just change the JAEGER_ENDPOINT environment variable in sample-apps/hotrod/deployment.yaml

Test HotROD application with SigNoz

kubectl create ns sample-application
kubectl -n sample-application apply -Rf sample-apps/hotrod/

How to generate load

kubectl -n sample-application run strzal --image=djbingham/curl --restart='OnFailure' -i --tty --rm --command -- curl -X POST -F 'locust_count=6' -F 'hatch_rate=2' http://locust-master:8089/swarm

See UI

kubectl -n platform port-forward svc/signoz-frontend 3000:3000

How to stop load

kubectl -n sample-application run strzal --image=djbingham/curl --restart='OnFailure' -i --tty --rm --command -- curl http://locust-master:8089/stop

You can find docs at If you need any clarification or find something missing, feel free to raise a GitHub issue with the label documentation or reach out to us at the community slack channel.

So, This was New OpenSource Alternative to Datadog- SigNoz Also, Check Review of K8sPurger in Kubernetes.

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