The right path to learn Kubernetes from scratch to advanced?

The right path to learn Kubernetes from scratch to advanced

For anyone learning dockers and docker swarm currently and who wants to pursue Kubernetes from scratch, and find the best path to learn Kubernetes.

Tip One: start small, Like you can Dive headfirst into Deep end if you want, but be Patient to get Usuable Running.

Kelsey’s hard way is amazing, but it will throw you headfirst into the deep end. If that’s what you want, fine. Just know it might be weeks to months before you get anything usable running. Docker for desktop comes with a completely useful turn key Kubernetes lab that can get you started in 5mins. Kind, Minikube, and microk8s are all good starter tools too to get you a more real homeland, where you can dive into ingress, sítio, Knative, whatever.

For a hands-on “let me see what it is” and get the hang of the first few steps, without worrying about how the hell you get it up, I recommend and Linux Academy.

Tip Two: i Will Recommend a home lab, whether virtual or not.

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Action plan You Can go Through to Master your Skill in Kubernetes:
  1. Recommend setting up and configuring nodes yourself first then automate. Recommend learning, config map, deployment, service, pod, daemons set just practice getting stuff up.
  2. Practice with zones/configuration requirements and tags.
  3. Work to persistent storage, with NFS storage classes, or others that suit your needs.
  4. Take on CRDs and understand what they do and function, and maybe write a simple one.
  5. Learn ingress/service mess last, it’s powerful, but if you’re learning Istio, I felt it was overly complex, and first did linkered.
  6. Get comfortable with Kubectl, and Kubeadm commands as that will be your life.
  7. I personally try not to utilize helm configuration, as I feel you
  8. get to dependency hell very quickly which may throw you.

PS: This list is what comes to the top of my head, if you need more Detailed ones, I can Publish my whole Journey of Learning Kubernetes in Up Coming Weeks, But I feel like this one Covers most of the Important part of the learning Journey.

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So, This was The right path to learn Kubernetes from scratch to advanced? Also, Check Upcoming project from the makers of k3s and Rancher

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