13 Things About Brand Identity You May Not Have known.

13 Things About Brand Identity You May Not Have known.
What is a Brand?

A brand is not a logo, colors, fancy tagline, or even a fancy Super Bowl commercial. A brand is not your Facebook Page cover video, Twitter background, or set of beautifully designed Pinterest boards or images on your Instagram profile. The truth is your Brand Identity prism is all of these things and more. It’s what you tweet, post, pin, +1 and offer as a call to action. It’s what you write in emails, and what you don’t, it’s whether you talk about yourself all day on Facebook or if you offer real value.

A brand is the name given to a product or service that the company offers to the consumers in the market. For example, the product you offer to the market is a phone but it doesn’t have any unique name which helps the customers to remember, that doesn’t make it a brand it is just a product. In order for it to be a brand, it has possessed a unique brand name that fits in the mind of the customer. Some Unique brand names are iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, and many more.

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What makes a Brand identity “THE BRAND”.

Surely brand building is not an overnight thing. Nor it is like two-minute noodles that are available in the market these days. From a brand to become the brand, it takes many years. Some of the things that go into brand-building are the name of the brand or company. The tag line, logo, the way the copy is written, marketing Strategies used, jingles also the brand ambassadors. the way the brand captures the minds of the people or what makes it easily recognizable. Hence also the customers are  considered the most important asset to make a brand “the brand

13 Things About Brand Identity You May Not  Have Known .”
1. Gives Detail Exploration Of The Market.

  The first thing before launching your brand in the market is to do proper marketing Research of the market. With proper marketing research, You can understand the market scenario from a broader perspective that provides better quality insights. Insights such as “what kind of new products a customer is looking for?”. This help’s a brand to set itself elite from other competitors in the market and provides a better sense of brand positioning. Better the brand position, higher the recognition in the minds of the user.

The logo is considered one of the brand elements that go into a brand identity prism. It has to be creative but straightforward, but at the same time needs to be connected with the audiences. like it’s their very own brand and whenever they see the logo, they should feel a sense of connection which leads to the purchase of the product again and again just by seeing the logo. Also more  simple the logo, the easier it becomes to be used in digital Advertisement and also print ads

3.Alluring Colours

We all know that colors play a very important role in our day-to-day activities they provide us with a sense of definition and adds value to the way we live. The same way colors used to design or describe a brand name plays a very extensive role in the formation of the brand. Like the color red used for the brand, coca-cola provides a feeling of boldness Excitement, energy passion, and ruggedness so much that it has become the sole identity of the brand.

4. Supporting Visuals

Often fewer words and more use of images have a greater impact on the human mind. Brands have noted this and have implemented this in their marketing strategies. When we see a ball with colors such as red, white, and blue just by looking at it we know which brand the advertisement is talking about. Similarly, graphics used with the brand name have a great impact in creating a brand identity

5. Determination of Correct Target Audience

We all know that a product created by a brand is meant to be used by everyone. Before launching a product in the market a proper analysis of the market is done in order to determine which product will go with which target audience. For example, a product is created for all moms You can bring it down to single moms who work from home. This helps you to be more specific to which target audience you want to target.

6 . Provides With a Brand Statement

Often before launching a brand in the market you need to know what is the sole target/Purpose of starting a brand. Without the main objective, a brand cannot be successful in the market or cannot launch itself in the market because it won’t provide value to it. Basically, a brand statement communicates the main objective of starting the brand to the audience. Some examples of Microsoft is “ A computer on every desk and every home “

7. Friendly Brand Persona

Brand personality is like an identity that helps to portray its self to the masses. It also has a greater impact on the marketing strategy used to communicate. Think of it as a point of view of an actor or actress with all the characteristics that you’re looking for, the same way people look for specific identity traits in the brand. Once the traits are put into place it helps you to narrow down to a mission statement

8.Excellent Typography

Typography or font style is something that sets your brand identity design different from other competitors in the market. A correct font style that Correlates with the color schemes used highlights the uniqueness of the brand.

9. Elasticity Towards Competitive Environment

A brand cannot be static as years pass by it needs to keep on doing research and development in order to survive in the market. If it doesn’t do so it may fail and the competitors in the market will move ahead. Like in the 1990s the world-famous brand Kodak was very successful failed to adapt to changing environments and failed in the market drastically because it did not adapt itself to the digital cameras that came in.

10. Persuasive Ad Copy

At times writing a copy just for sake of writing doesn’t take a lead in the market. An ad copy needs to be highly and delightfully. Written in order to create a benchmark in the mind of the target audiences and also needs to be aloof from its competition.

11. Consistent Approach

For a brand to be higher than the competition in the market it needs to be consistent in its approach. The best way to understand a consistent approach is from the brand Apple. They are always ahead of their competitor and which makes them different.

12. Language Usage

At times the language used in jingles tag lines used by brands. In advertisements set a delightful tone in the minds of the audiences. This makes them want to see the ad again and again so the brand gets more recognition in the minds of the user which creates high value in the mind of the user towards the brand.

13. Engagement on Social Media

In this Digital Era where everyone is on social media networks. So more brand are diversified them self and dived into social media networking. To know what consumers think about them. What their concerns, queries, and trying to solve them through social media engagement.

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