8 Types Of Blog Post That Every Blogger Must Need To Know !!

8 Types Of Blog Post That Every Blogger Must Need To Know
What is a blog post ?

 A blog is a piece of unique content that a writer writes and tries to convey his views, thoughts of a certain topic, perspective, and ideas to the audience. It can be about a current topic, past topic, or can brief discussion /review about a product or service that he had used or visited and wants to share with the people.

Let us look at the different types of blog posts and the way it stands out in the blogging world.

1. Controversial topic

Often we see the more controversial the more number of people what to know more about it and want to read it passionately till the very end. The name controversy itself acts like a unique selling point that directly pulls the attention of the audience towards you. Hence the more controversies the more number views your get for your blog post. Some controversial are as follows

 1) Gun control   2) abortion 3) Animals rights 4) LGBTQ Community  etc

2)  Reviews about Products  

A product review is one that first that talks about it straight to the the point  and other one is a comparison or a one on one review. Reviews are the one that our going to mint money for your blog and many  have already done so . The best part of writing review is free Gifts .Consumers hardly get the time to give full fledged reviews and has a blogger you  do it for them , then be ready to get a lot of traffic to blog . Reviews don’t only have to be of product it can be books ,  restaurants ,movies and many more .

3)  Breaking it into parts

The other way to keep your ball rolling is dividing into parts , which keeps the audience till the climax and keeps wanting to come to you again to know what happens next . In a a way it is good for your Seo of the  blog post . It can be related to  case  studies , breaking news and personal stories .Plus more the numbers parts it is divided in the more active your comments is going to be ..

4)   Information graphics

Infographics are something that’s going to AD more value to your blog and make it more attractive for the reader to read. It can be related to any topic. The more information Graphics you add there are more chances that people are going to share it with others. The more the number of shares you acquire the more the blog creates buzz on the internet

5)  Creating a table of context

For a blog not to be confusing for the readers and to locate, on what topics the blogger is written on the best way is to create a table of context or in other words, we call it an index. Although some bloggers find it makes their blog less attractive but it’s has proven to be one of the effective ways.

6)  Do it the the podcast way

Often adopting to present content invoice form is a hundred times more effective than any written form . Content that is told in a voice form creates the setting of the story and provides a setting that the story is happening just in front of you. Hence I would personally recommend every blogger to adopt a podcast way.

7)   Go personal

It has been Seen that the personal blog stories have proven to be more effective that a fictional story .

Often the more personal you get with the audience the more attracted there are to you. Because it provides them with a feeling that they connected to you. So the more personal you’re the more global the blog post is going to reach.

8)   Embedded video

 Videos are a good form of content creation for the masses. If you are already using YouTube for your blog why depend only on YouTube to gain views. Why not AD videos to your blog and gain some views from there as well? But make sure that the content that you create for the videos is similar to the written content.

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