7 Unbelievable Facts About Web Hosting You Didn’t Know.

7 Unbelievable Facts About Web Hosting You Didn't Know.

What is web hosting?

 Let’s say your planning to shift to a new cheap web hosting and don’t know where to stay ?. In the same way, when you create a website it requires a place where all the information can be stored and so it is made available on the Internet for the masses. Hence hosting is considered the pre-determine factor for any website.


Here are 7 Unbelievable Facts About web Hosting


1. Price

     Often before you choose a host for your website, you need to determine will your business able to pay huge amounts to the host or not. Many a time businesses go with low budget costs for hosting. Surely you will get one, but on cheap web hosting servers you can get many more websites on the same server,  out of which 10 out of 2 websites have loading issues and this can be your website. So the decision Entirely depends on you.

2. Support

Support is a very large concept when it comes to web hosting. Typically the web developer knows what kind of technology is used to develop the website such as HTML, Java, WordPress, etc. When you go for Web Hosting it becomes a third party, so as a website owner you need to know what kind of support is your Web Hosting firm offering you. Examples are email support, 24 x 365 days, phone support, or email support

3. The way they Communicates

It becomes strategically important the way the host communicates with you. Has an owner you need to see that he send you newsletters, email on a weekly basis and also Immediately replies to you on the content updates did you ask him to do for your websites, also needs to tell you about the new trends such as interactive media and many others. He needs to tell you about changes he does too.

4. Attributes

Attributes or features are something that attracts a customer towards you. Without which you can’t set a benchmark in the market. So has an owner of a website you have to be aware of what attributes is he offering you!!. Here are some questions that you can have a look at “what are the bandwidth options available “ also questions related to the control panel, what are the cost of additional services can be asked.

5.  Where is the Host Located

For any business to be successful the location is considered the most deciding factor. The same way where your web hosting is located it’s important.  For say if your Business Is located in Mumbai and the host is from Delhi, so the majority of customers will be from Delhi instead of Mumbai. plus when the finding the host location ask him about how many network carriers are used.

6. Conduct a background check

Before you ask someone to host a website on the internet, it important to do a background study for the services he is offering to you. Getting reviews from his previous clients will help you make the correct decision whether is he the correct one for you not, or you can look out for someone else

7. Size of the host

The bigger the better isn’t always a good sign in hosting. Always conducting a brief evaluation the numbers of domains, customers, and what’s the overall turnover rate is extremely important. Often low budget hosts signing up more clients than they lose. Larger the host the longer the relationship between the client.



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