Twitter is a popular American social networking service and small blogs where users will post and communicate using messages called tweets. Subscribed Twitter users can like, post, and tweet their accounts. Those registered users; they can only read the post. Unregistered users are unable to perform other functions on the Twitter platform. Users can access it via the Twitter website interface, via Short Message Service (SMS), or through mobile app software. Twitter is a popular and active marketing channel and there are many different types of Twitter ads. Many types of ads on Twitter help drive traffic and track traffic. About 63% of Twitter users follow small businesses.

If you previously have a Twitter account, you will know how to use its functions such as following, Twitter, and customizing profiles, because businesses need to grow and be present with your social media.

Different types of Twitter ad will enable you to promote different tweets or all ad campaigns dedicated to its specific objectives. Businesses can choose from the following items for various types of Twitter advertising.

  • Application installation
  • Video views
  • Website modification
  • Purpose of the audience

For each type of Twitter ad, conditions can be set.

1. Promoted Tweets

This type of Twitter ad is just various tweets paid by the advertiser to show people who are not their followers on Twitter. This type of ad on Twitter can be popular, tweeted, etc. Similar to regular tweets, only they will be considered ‘Promoted’.

Promoted tweets are displayed on user profiles, targeted user timelines, top search results, desktop apps, and Twitter mobile.

2. Promoted Accounts

This type of Twitter ad is also called the Followers campaign. This type of Twitter advertising provides you with a platform to promote your Twitter account to targeted Twitter users. These targeted Twitter users are not yet following you but may be interested in your content. Promoted Accounts are displayed in the timeline for potential followers and search results and ‘Who’s Next’ suggestions. There is a Follow button, and these are identified as Recommended.

On Twitter, many of the top topics are discussed on Twitter from the user timeline, the Twitter app, and the Check tab. This type of Twitter ad allows you to promote the hashtag shown at the top of the list.

When Trend Promoted is clicked by a Twitter user, they get to see a live list of search results for that particular topic, as well as a suggested tweet from you displayed at the top of the list. When people choose your hashtag and start using it on their own, you can get additional natural exposures that can enhance your campaign. Currently, Trends Trends is not available to advertisers using Twitter’s customizable options. You can check if you are responsible for working with the Twitter sales manager to receive improved Trends while sending a direct message to the Twitter Ad Help Center.

4. Automated Ads

Twitter Promotion Mode – This type of Twitter ad can be used if you are new to social media marketing, are unsure of your budget, or have a small group and a short time. In such cases, you can use Twitter promotion mode. This type of Twitter ad costs the right amount per month. If this is enabled, you will receive the first 10 tweets of the day which will be automatically upgraded for your chosen audience. Quote tweets, replies and Re-tweets will never be promoted. Also, you will receive an ongoing campaign on the Suggested Account. According to the Twitter rating, accounts using the Twitter Promote Model can reach an estimated 30,000 more people and gain an additional 30 followers per month.

So, we’ve talked about the types of ads on Twitter; let’s see how we can advertise different types of Twitter ads.

Set Up Your Twitter Ads Account 

For new Twitter users, you need to start setting up an account. So, you need to log in to your Twitter account and go to Enter details such as the time zone and country. Click on the ‘Let’s go’ option. After this, you will have a Twitter ads account. Once this is done, you can continue creating your ad.

Select Your Objective 

Twitter ad campaigns have many business objectives, so the first thing you need to do is decide what you need to achieve from your Twitter ads. Therefore, focus on the purpose of the ad and make sure it is in line with your business objectives. The goal you choose will determine what actions and types of involvement might be possible for you. So, before you set up an ad, make sure you have good intentions for social media and that has the most specific goals for your Twitter ad campaign. You can choose from the following purpose:

  • Tweet engagements
  • Awareness
  • Followers
  • Website clicks and conversions
  • App installs
  • App re-engagement
  • Promoted video views
  • In-stream video views
  • Once you have selected the desired goal, you can continue with the ad. You will be asked to create a campaign screen, where you can name your campaign, choose how to pay for it, be it a debit or credit card, set your campaign budget, and choose whether to start a campaign right away or you need to edit it later. Once you have selected your options click on the following.
Fill in the details your ad campaign

Once you have selected a goal, you will be taken to a page where you can state your campaign, your start and end date for your campaign, and your campaign budget. Depending on the purpose you selected in Step 2, you may have additional details that you can fill out that are different from your ad. If your goal is to install an app, for example, this step will require you to connect your app to Twitter

 When deciding how much you want to invest in a Twitter ad campaign, you will set a daily budget and a full optional budget. Throughout the day, your daily budget will pay Twitter for your set amount in a specific cadence you can set for yourself.

The timing of your suggested content can be set to “Normal (recommended),” which shows ads to your target audience from time to time that Twitter deems very effective; or “Accelerated,” which shows your ads as much as possible throughout the day. Instant ads provide ad campaigns that you want to do well in a short period of time.

Set Up Your Ad Group And Bidding 

Once your goal is set, you can create your own ad page. The ad group is under the category of your campaign. You may need to stick to one Twitter ad group for your first Twitter ad campaign. However, while you are more comfortable using Twitter ads, you can tailor your ad campaign to a different target audience, test different budgets, time, and use a variety of creative materials. Add relevant details to your Create your ad group page. Here, you can select the amount you would like to pay for each type of communication such as video views, engagements, etc.

Automatic bid: 

This type of bidding allows Twitter to charge you less expensive costs every time your audience shares your ad content. The Twitter costs you pay are based on your ad group budget and audience limits.

Maximum bid:

This type of bid gives you full control over the amount you would like to pay each time your audience shares your ad content. 

Target bid:

This type of bid allows you to specify how much in your ad group budget you would like Twitter to charge you every time your audience shares your ad content. The price you paid will reflect the average daily cost of placing each ad on your audience.

Once this is selected, click on the Next option.

Select you’re Creative and Ad Placement:

The Twitter platform displays a list of existing tweets that you can choose to promote. In case you choose, you can choose a new tweet format especially for your ad. Select the ‘ad placement’ option. Click the Next option.


The Twitter platform offers many targeting options that can help you select the right ad target audience and increase your budget. You need to start by identifying people, classifying your audience by age, gender, language, location, and technology. Directing the audience to a specific location may allow you to obtain specific information such as the city’s location, postal code, or countrywide. The technical section will provide you with ways to identify the type of network, device, or OS company. Audience features give you ways to identify based on specific user characteristics such as their interests, events, and behavior. Also, it can point to specific keywords and TV shows that TV users are tweeting about. An intuitive audience link will help you provide a limited audience size that will change as you place more Twitter ads that target your campaign. You can choose to upload your list of people as your email list or select from targeted people that match your fan base. When you are done with your selection, click the Next option.

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Review and launch your campaign:

Finally, select the “Update your campaign” button, as shown above, to view your campaign information. If everything looks OK, hit “Start Campaign” in the top right corner of your screen to run the campaign.

Tips To Launch Various Twitter Ad Types

In order to enable your Twitter ad types to work properly, your ad must reach the right place and the right audience. The following will help you get the most out of your budget.


When launching a Twitter ad, you should see that you need to introduce yourself briefly. You can’t imagine that everyone would know about you. Audiences should know what your business is all about. Use a specific image or copy in your tweet that can help you generate your unique marketing suggestion. People who view your tweet will know the reason for clicking, engaging, or following. As people browse the Twitter platform quickly, you should know where to place your point.

Place A Clear Call-To-Action 

While placing a good ad on the Twitter platform, the main goal is to get a good customer base. Therefore, you need to be called to action and make sure users will know who you are. You can try something like ‘learn more’, ‘follow us’, ‘sign up now’, etc. Your ad must meet the purpose and make it clear what users need to do. Make sure your users do not deviate from the messages and avoid placing too many links in your ad.

Place Discounts For Sales 

In the event that your ad is about to place and make a sale, you will need to highlight it. This can get a lot of views and will have a higher chance of being converted.

Include Cards 

Placing the cards on the platform is very helpful. Cards are a multi-functional control tool such as app installation, website preview, and conversion of your promoted tweets. This will make your tweets more interactive with users thus making them more engaging. But as a good practice, it is best to check the cards and use them.

Perform Test 

Twitter Ads is a great platform to learn how your audience will get started, from the ad format to the voice and volume of the ad copy. Therefore, you need to look at all the ads you post on this forum to work for you.

Custom Fit 

Choose a custom fit, rather than a one-size-fits-all fit. Every campaign has a different purpose and requires a different art. If there are campaigns with similar objectives, they should also be different depending on the offer or idea you are promoting over time. When the target group is different, you should change your foundation to create competitive research to find out what might be most attractive to each group.

Make Use Of High-Quality Videos And Images 

Make sure your ad has good content and supports you with quality photos and videos. Images capture the user’s attention, so be sure to set them in line with your ad.

Devote More Time For Big Events 

If there are major events coming your way, be sure to include an extra ad at that time. Because during big events like the World Cup, people would use the platform more often.


It could be any type of Twitter ads you write, be sure to monitor your campaigns as they work and try adding ads to give you better performance. Also, make sure your ad types are up to date and you should continue to post your ad at the same time.

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